All key building elements are modular and manufactured off-site. On-site, these prefabricated elements are assembled in a seven-step system as follows:

1. Foundations: Screw-pile foundations for use in any ground conditions.

2. Staircase: Hot-rolled steel structure provides structural stability and eliminates the need for scaffolding.

3. Horizontal Panels: Main component of the system which is used as a floor cassette. It also gives safe work access at each level during construction.

4. Vertical Panels: Arranged to allow flexible internal layout.

5. Service Panels: Pre-installed with both wet and dry services.

6. Facade Panels: Provides excellent thermal U-value and external finishing can be varied to suit local context & climate.

7. Roof: Provides a wide surface for PV installation.

Our Mission

  • To urgently address the housing shortage through fast track sustainable assembly
  • To create high-quality, desirable homes – and communities
  • To enable more ‘off grid’ living


Image: Rapid Construction process from Day 0 – Day 5

This fast-track, high quality system cuts down on-site construction time dramatically and delivers a multitude of other environmental and cost benefits.

No Concrete, No Waste and No Water in construction

  • Greatly reduced energy consumption through integrated green energy sources
  • Optimised build schedule, 3 x faster than traditional construction methods
  • Much reduced CO2 emissions through optimized transport
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Assembly system creates a safer working environment for construction staff.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic system
  • Increased thermal and acoustic insulation
  • High resistance against strong winds and flooding