Through our unique modular housing solution, WElink Group is ensuring an exciting and crucial development in the ongoing challenge to meet the world’s housing shortage.

It is estimated that 400 million units are needed for affordable housing around the globe – immediately. And with populations growing rapidly, this demand is only going to increase.

We are working with clients and stakeholders to build a variety of configurations from one and two storey buildings to mid and high rise structures which can also incorporate commercial and retail space. These high-quality sustainable buildings are designed not just to deliver housing but also to create friendlier, healthier and greener communities.

Our Mission

  • To urgently address the housing shortage through fast track sustainable assembly
  • To create high-quality, desirable homes – and communities
  • To enable more ‘off grid’ living

Barcelona Housing Systems


This system combines high quality architecture with eco-friendly benefits to provide a much-needed alternative to traditional housebuilding. Ensuring radical large-scale innovation, the system significantly reduces costs and construction speed while providing modularity and scalability.

Innovative technology

Our homes are made using high-speed, earthquake resistant construction foundations and integrated compatible panels, using Light Weight Steel Framing technology.

Socially sustainable

Sustainability is at the heart of our build process and the communities we develop. We have ensured that all of the infrastructure and utility services of the building are built in, providing an ‘off grid’ solution in sewage, hot water, street lighting and power.